Ben Brown In His Men At Play One To One


Ben Brown is fucking amazing in his second solo shoot @ Men At Play. Called his One To One shoot we have what has become a signature “Ben Brown” look, Ben in a suit slowly being removed though never quite completely.

I  have to admit, guys in suits get me fucking hard, combine that with Ben and we are talking fantasy material!

In my fantasy I am applying for a bank loan to buy a new house. The only problem is that I don’t quite have enough deposit. Of course the bank manager is a bit of a hard ass and before you know it his fly is undone, I am on my knees and slowly sucking him so that he is able to “pull some strings” to get me my loan ;) . I am sure you can understand why I  like this particular movie.

If you are into underwear then this really is the perfect video for you. Ben Brown is very slow to remove his clothes with a lot of time spent concentrating on his perfect ass in his Aussie Bum jocks.

I  love how the white contrasts perfectly against his nicely tanned legs.

Thankfully we are treated to a nice full view of his perfect ass once those jocks drop to the floor.

My absolute favourite shot is when he puts his leg up onto the chair, you get this perfect shot of his smooth nuts and uncut cock complete with foreskin hanging over the head.

In my mind I am sitting on the chair gently nuzzling his foreskin with my teeth and lips and my tongue darts inside to enjoy the salty taste.

Knowing that Ben Brown is an awesome bottom we get a great view of his ass. I love it when it spreads his butt in the middle of the video showing off for the camera on the laptop. The climax though for me was when he spread his legs on the desk, socks still on and slipped the tip of his finger into his ass.

So fucking hot! The minute he was done I was totally ready to shoot my load!

So yes indeed, this is a fantastic shoot with Ben Brown @ Men At Play.

If you enjoyed the pics there is a bloody good chance you are going to enjoy the video.

Click here for a nice preview movie over @ Men At Play.

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